Woodymood Cosy Wall Organizer Shelf-Wenge

Woodymood Cosy Wall Organizer Shelf-Wenge

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Woodymood Cosy Wall Organizer Shelf-Wenge

Our goal is to create useful and organised areas with our products which is designed to bring functionality to the walls by keeping the aesthetics and ergonomics on the front panel. All of the products made of Natural Massive wood are handmade and colored with decorative wood varnish and are offered in three color options.

All Woodmood organisers are able to carry the weights of products such as your coat, handbags, keys, phone,letter, car keys, make up materials , etc., with the special screw hangers on the back providing the necessary stability.

They are produced from natural materials , so there can be visual differences due to the structure of the tree. None of the products are similar to each other by color and pattern.



A large pocket

3 piece double hooks

Back panel and the shelf is massive wood.

Hooks are antique designed and made from durable metal.

Hand painted with natural wood paint and/or varnish.


Width: 23,5 in.

Depth: 3,5 in.

Height: 9,5 in.

Please refer to the technical drawings to see the detailed measurements.


1 piece Woodymood Cosy Wall Organizer Shelf-Wenge

2 screws

2 wall anchors



Tips for installation: The template in the box is showing the screw locations on the back of the panel.

With the help of this template you can easily mark the mounting holes on your wall.


All products are shipped in a special package for cargo to provide the maximum safety.


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